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Petition to Release Warren E. Peterson From Prison

Petition to release Warren E. Peterson from prison

We appeal to your sense of justice, conscience and compassion, by asking you to sign this petition for Warrens immediate release. Warrens continued incarceration is illegal, unjust and cruel to both him and his family.

Warren took complete responsibility for his crime by accepting a naked (non-negotiated) plea on September 9, 1999. Warren plead guilty to burglary, kidnapping, 2x criminal threatening and witness tampering.

These charges involve a single episode and single victim, his wife Kathleen. She was released unharmed by Warren without intervention. Kathleen then went directly home, then to Dunkin Donuts, then dropped their son off at pre-school and from there she went to work that morning.

In spite of the fact Warren is a first time offender, and many other mitigating circumstances, Warren received a total of 25-70 years in prison; A murder sentence.

His sentence was enhanced 5 times due to his pointing a firearm, a .38 cal. revolver, at Kathleen twice for moments.

Warrens sentence is illegal: It violates double jeopardy multiple times.

Warren was granted parole effective March 12, 2014, yet he remains in prison.

According to New Hampshire law he should have been released 19 months ago.

Warrens continued incarceration is illegal, unjust and cruel to both him and hisfamily.

We believe Warren is a good man, has served more than enough time and deserves a second chance!

Please help anyway you can.

Thank you,

Friends of Warren Committee

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